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The Algarve is known the world over for offering wonderful golfing holidays. The climate, the top-quality golf courses and the multitude of other activities on offer help to make this destination particularly special for many. Thousands of tourists flock to the region every year to enjoy a golfing break in stunning surroundings.

Choosing to take a golfing holiday is one of the best ways to work on your game or play competitively, whatever level you might be at. There is the opportunity to practice your golf swing on driving ranges, as well as playing a full round of golf on beautifully maintained, world-class golf courses.

Why choose a golfing break in the Algarve? There are many reasons to select the Algarve for your next golfing holiday - these are some of the top ones to consider:

  • Golf courses everywhere! There are 80 golf courses in Portugal, and 42 of these are based in the Algarve. It is easy to travel between them and you can explore multiple golf courses during your visit.
  • The quality of the golf courses. Golf courses in the region are widely used and well maintained all year round. The courses benefit from the good weather as much as the players do!
  • See some famous golfing spots. For a challenge, visit Dom Pedro Victoria, home of the Portugal Masters. There is the Royal Course at Vale de Lobo, which is one of the most popular par 3s in the area. You might recognise some of the names behind the courses as well - Palmares was designed by Trent Jones Jr.
  • Enjoy the climate. Portugal offers year-round warmth. In the cooler months, it is still a very comfortable temperature for playing golf, and in the height of summer, you will be able to play in glorious sunshine.
  • Easy travel connections. You can fly to Portugal easily in less than three hours, landing in Lisbon or Faro. Flights are available on a range of airlines and there will be options to travel with golf equipment if required.
  • Good food and interesting culture. Explore some more of the region on your holiday to discover what it is all about. The Algarve is a beautiful part of the world, where you can experience beautiful coastlines, interesting towns and plenty of delicious food.

Staying in a golf village During your visit, why not stay in a specialist golf village? Locations like Balaia Golf Village offer you excellent courses, as well as second-to-none facilities and accommodation. It is a location that the whole family can enjoy - you don't all need to be golfing enthusiasts to take a golfing holiday in the Algarve.

The accommodation in a golf village usually consists of modern villas and apartments, with excellent facilities and, if you're lucky enough to be overlooking a golf course, beautiful views as well. In the Algarve, you are never too far from a beach, so there are plenty of options for everyone to do something they enjoy, be it reading a book in a deckchair or playing a scenic game of golf overlooking the ocean.

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