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How It Works

The Internet is probably the most important development in recent years for the owners of holiday accommodation. It provides a superb medium in which to offer your property for let. It provides the opportunity to disseminate much more, high quality information than ever before (unless you were prepared to supply very detailed and expensive brochures - unlikely for owners of a single property!) in a highly interactive form.

However, not everyone is willing or able to spend the time and/or effort to develop their own website - that's where we come in! We are owners of a property at Balaia - check out apartment 749 - and so know both the village and the apartment layouts intimately. We are able to sell holiday lets in the village effectively due to our first hand knowledge and sell rentals for all apartments included in our site as if they were our own - with enthusiasm!

We do not necessarily aim to become your only source of bookings, (unless that is what you wish, of course), simply to provide an additional opportunity for holidaymakers to see your property and to book quickly and efficiently. So, what does it cost?

Your property can be added to this site, in its own page, absolutely FREE OF CHARGE. You can supply us with as much or as little information as you please (though the more comprehensive the information for any apartment, the more attractive it would be to a prospective holidaymaker); photos can be in the form of digital pictures (we can handle most formats) or prints which we can scan. Within a day or so of receiving your information, including the exact location of your apartment in the village, we will add your apartment in its own web page to this site.

This site is then advertised in a number of holiday publications as well as being registered with the main Internet search engines.

When we get a call from a prospective holidaymaker, we offer apartments on the basis of the one or ones which best suit our assessment of the client's specific needs. Assuming they then decide to book, after checking availability with apartment owner, we send out a booking form which is subsequently returned to us with the deposit of 20% of the total rental cost with a minimum of £50.

At this point, and when the cheque has cleared, we subtract our commission of 10% of the total price of the booking and send the remainder on to you. The client is issued with a " Confirmation Invoice" which shows the total price, what is already paid and the balance due - with due date. We also write to you with your confirmation that the booking is firm together with our cheque for the deposit less our commission. That letter will also ask you to complete and send off the booking advice form to inform Balaia Reception of the expected arrival of the guests and arrange for the maid service, cleaning, welcome pack etc. When the time comes to pay the balance, the client sends us a cheque, made payable to you, and we forward that on immediately. The confirmation invoice also provides the client with details of our cancellation policy which is shown below.

After the final balance has been paid, we send the client an information pack which provides all pertinent information regarding their booked holiday (this pack has been well tried and tested with guests in our own apartment) - you have to do nothing more other than reap the benefits!


Cancellation Policy

Time before date of travel when cancellation
instruction is received by us
Cancellation charge as a % of
total accommodation cost
56 days or more Deposit is forfeit
29 - 55 days 50% or deposit if greater
22 - 28 days 70% or deposit if greater
15 - 21 days 80% or deposit if greater
8 to 14 days 90% or deposit if greater
7 days or less 100%
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