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Food & Drink

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The area around Balaia Golf Village is home to hundreds of restaurants, many within walking distance of our apartment. All tastes are catered for, so you're sure to find something for even the pickiest of family members. You can find restaurants to suit any budget too, from cheap and cheerful to fine dining.

Here, we're focusing on restaurants within a few miles of Balaia Golf Village, but you'll find plenty more in the Albufeira Old Town and further afield.

Image by Volkan Vardar
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Portuguese Cuisine

Both seafood and piri-piri are staples of traditional Portuguese cuisine. You'll find both in abundance at our favourite Portuguese restaurants:

o Assador

Cantina do Mar

a Capoeira

a Varanda

All four restaurants are within walking distance of the apartment, and all offer a mix of both traditional Portuguese food and meals to remind you of home.

Special mention has to go to a Capoeira, where you can order a steak and cook it to perfection on a sizzling hot stone. Caution! Hot to the touch!

Anglo-Centric Cuisine

Anglo-Centric Cuisine

If you're looking for some home comforts, there are plenty of those to be had as well. Again, many of these are within walking distance of Balaia Golf Village. Our favourites include:

Wild & Co

The Market


Johnny Hooper's Saxophone Bistro

Special mention has to go to Johnny Hooper's Saxophone Bistro. Incredible food, friendly staff, and you'll be serenaded by the man himself while you dine. They also run a music quiz twice a week, which is great fun for all the family.

Image by iman zaker

Italian Cuisine

With Italy a not-too-distant neighbour, you'll find pizza on the menu at several of the restaurants we've already listed. If, however, you're looking for a more authentic Italian experience, look no further than Portobello, midway between Balaia Golf Village and Albufeira.

Stone baked pizza and delicious pasta. Lovely.

Asian Cuisine

Scattered amongst the Portuguese and Anglo-centric restaurants are a few incredible Asian restaurants.

Tatsumi Thai Phuket is a new favourite, serving a fusion of Japanese and Thai recipes.

For Asian food with a sea view, look no further than Restaurant Oriental Tea, which serves delectable meals right by the beach.


Once you're finished with your mains, you'll want dessert. Traditional Portuguese meringue is soft and sweet, and you'll often find it coupled with citrus fruits or berries.

You'll find most restaurants have a mix of desserts ranging from gelato and sorbet to meringue and chocolate cake.

Fresh Pizza
Chicken and Vegetables
Image by Camila Melim

Wine, Cocktails & More

Amongst other things, Portugal is famous for its wine. Crisp whites, rich reds. You'll find a selection of Portuguese wines at pretty much every restaurant on our list.

And we can't forget to mention port! Named after the Portuguese city of Porto, you'll also find this after-dinner tipple at most of the restaurants we've mentioned. We recommend trying it if you haven't already.

If you're looking for something a bit more colourful, head down to The Strip for some cocktails. This street runs through the heart of Albufeira, and is home to dozens of bars. We recommend the Caipirinha, made with cachaça (similar to rum), brown sugar, and lime.

Wine Toasting
Asian Cuisine
Wine, Cocktails, and More
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