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A picture of a family-friendly beach close to Balaia Golf Village in the Algarve, Portugal

Prices & Availability

Please note: This site represents the property of a single owner and is not the official Balaia Golf Village website.

Prices & Availability

Below are prices for staying at Balaia Golf Village 749 at various times of the year, along with approximate availability. Where a booking falls across two periods, pricing will be worked out pro rata.


If the period you're interested in is fully booked, we may be able to use our connections within Balaia Golf Village to place you in a different yet similar apartment. We'll do our best to find you the Algarve golfing or family holiday location you deserve.

Waves running up a beach close to Balaia Golf Village in the Algarve, Portugal
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Low Season

£350 per week

January - Dates Available

February - Dates Available

March - Dates Available

November - Dates Available

December - Dates Available

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High Season

£740 per week

1st June until 16th July

Dates Available


Dates Available

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Mid Season

£520 per week

April - Dates Available

May - Dates Available

October - Dates Available

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Peak Season

£975 per week

17th June to 31st July

Dates Selling Fast


Dates Selling Fast

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