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Balaia Golf Village

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Balaia Golf Village

Balaia Golf Village, in the heart of the Portuguese Algarve, is the perfect location for a family or golfing holiday. It's a beautiful place to stay, with well-kept pools, elegantly cultivated greenery, and lush surrounds. Whether you're looking to relax with your feet up by the pool, chill in a day-spa, take in a round of golf, or cook up a feast on the terrace, there's something for everyone.

  • Six swimming pools

  • 9-hole par 3 golf course

  • Tennis courts

  • Spa & gym (including sauna)

  • Massage parlor

  • Driving range

  • A Varanda Restaurant

  • Golf Clubhouse (for lunch & golf supplies)

  • Beautifully kept surroundings

  • Bowling green

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